006.5: Biz-Nuss Bay-Sicks

A continuation from episode 6 , Carisa and Kayla go over some more information on business basics. This episode will answers questions like: -How do I make the jump to becoming a pro? -How do I get the gigs rolling? -What is the lifestyle of a professional entertainer? -Where can I find more on business… Continue reading 006.5: Biz-Nuss Bay-Sicks

Person First- Why “Female Magician” is Yet Another Box to Escape

“She’s a female magician!”  If I had a nickel…at first, it feels empowering.  I AM a woman and I AM magical! Getting awards like, “Female Magician of the Year” certainly boosts the self-confidence.  And it sounds very kind when complimenting someone’s skill level. Why wouldn’t I want to be the BEST female magician in the… Continue reading Person First- Why “Female Magician” is Yet Another Box to Escape

006: Magic 101

Can you make a living at magic? Carisa and Kayla definitely think so.  This episode dives into the styles and branches of magic that you can chose from.  We also introduce a new segment called, “Girl Code”, which goes over some general ideas of how women can help other women…ya know, GIRL CODE! Important notes:… Continue reading 006: Magic 101

005: BONUS! Us on Andy Gross (Disclaimer)

DISCLAIMER: Not for children, trigger warning on sexual assault. Please listen with caution. We’ve been asked a lot in the last week on our thoughts about Andy Gross’s performance at Purdue University.  Here’s a BONUS pod for the week, where we discuss the Purdue performance, how we can react, and how to avoid becoming an… Continue reading 005: BONUS! Us on Andy Gross (Disclaimer)

004: Max Maven (Our First Guest!)

Shezam talks with their first guest, Max Maven, who knows a thing or two about diversity within the magic community.  Max tells stories, drops knowledge, and gives a good burn to Kayla towards the end.  Enjoy this thoughtful and information-packed episode with Max Maven.   Links from the Episode: Fetaque Sanders Richiardi Celeste Evans Suzy… Continue reading 004: Max Maven (Our First Guest!)

002.5-Wizards on Props

The first wizardcast is for everyone! Go to shezampod.com to get the upcoming wizard episodes. In this wizard episode, Carisa and Kayla discuss more in-depth ideas about props and costuming.  They discuss strolling magic approaches and choice of material, stage set up and prop choice, and much more.  Carisa and Kayla then play a game of… Continue reading 002.5-Wizards on Props

002: Poop About Props

Episode 2: Poop About Props Shezam: Episode 2, featuring the first appearance of the Feminist Cookie! Carisa and Kayla talk about packing for the road, their preference for not being offensively referred to as food, and the very real divide between men and women in magic when it comes to props, including figuring out which… Continue reading 002: Poop About Props

One Little Pill: A Moral Dilemma – Article Published in Vanish Magazine

There is no denying that the history of entertainment includes some really messed up stuff. Sure, we’ve had our Shakespeares and Mozarts; but at various times, we were also gaga over gladiator battles, cockfights, bear baiting, and the cringe-worthy tradition of blackface and minstrel shows. With all the progress we’ve made moving toward nobler forms… Continue reading One Little Pill: A Moral Dilemma – Article Published in Vanish Magazine