035: 5 Common Mistakes with Audience Volunteers

Most magicians perform routines that involve the use of audience volunteers. Considering how common this is you’d think we’d all be a little better at it, but alas, often we make mistakes. Here are five Kayla and Carisa have seen a lot lately and how to avoid them.  You’re welcome! Thank you to special guest… Continue reading 035: 5 Common Mistakes with Audience Volunteers

034: Calm Down!-How to be an Ally

Inspired by the new Taylor Swift music video, “You Need to Calm Down“, Carisa and Kayla are extra bitchy today and can’t remember who Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are. They discuss how to be a good ally and much more. Special guest-Bowie the Dog. Guide to Allyship Link Here.

033 – You’re Doing It Wrong: 5 Common Scripting Mistakes

Kayla and Carisa have seen a lot of magic in the last few months and the same scripting problems keep coming up again and again. We’re sharing them here on this episode to help make your show better.

022 – Live from the Chicago Magic Lounge!

Recorded live at the Chicago Magic Lounge during their Women in Magic Spotlight, Carisa interviews the amazing Jade, and the phenomenal Alba! Jade’s Website Alba’s Website Chicago Magic Lounge  This podcast is supported in part through support from the endowment and development fund of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

020 – Interview – Lindsay Benner

This week Carisa and Kayla interview… Lindsay Benner! A beloved staple in the variety arts scene of Los Angeles, this force of entertainment can do it all! Physical comedy, juggling, hosting, acting, strait jacket escape, ventriloquism, magic and more! Lindsay’s Website Episode photo by Pixie Vision Photography

017 – Real Talk – Sexual Assault

Warning: This episode veers into some difficult topics, viewer discretion is advised. This week Carisa and Kayla tackle the difficult topic of Sexual Assault in the magic community, and discuss things we can all do to help put an end to it. Dana Lynn Photography A Man’s Guide to Not Sexually Harassing Women

016 – Live from the Internet, it’s the Shezam New Year’s Special!

It’s 2019! Kayla and Carisa do an episode of Shezam… Live on Facebook! You can watch the full video on Facebook complete with some mild language and hysterics, or listen to the cleaned up audio version! Facebook Video